Decorating your cubicle

24 04 2012

Does refusing to decorate your cubicle send the wrong message?

There are times when you know going into a job that you don’t plan on staying with a company long enough to decorate your cubicle.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like bringing all of that stuff just to have it one day delivered to you by courier. What’s the point.

Even if leaving your desk bare looks bad to your managers – maybe it’s a personal choice.  Are we still allowed personal choices in the corporate world?


Water Cooler Talk

23 04 2012

In  the corporate world there is always a few people who want to get to know you. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well. Sort of. While your co-worker may be digging for dirt to spread around the office, you could genuinely run into someone who just wants to get to know you.  Sure it’s rare, but this can be the case.

How much should you disclose?
A word of advice –

1. Keep it light. Discuss only surface level detail
2. Don’t be quick to accept your co-workers via social media. Especially if you have some pictures posted of you that shouldn’t be shared with your co-workers
3. Clean up your social media accounts first. Many may come to some sort of conclusion about you based on info posted t your site.
4. Never talk badly about the work load, manager, or anything concerning the company. If you find yourself doing so, it may be time to find a new gig or figure out what’s lacking in your current role and discuss the possibility of new responsibilities with your manager.
5. Don’t get caught up in office politics
6. Standing alone may not be a bad option
7. Keep personal feelings out of work, no one wants to hear negative or potentially honest feedback
8. Stay away from discussons surrounding politics, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Let me search the internet

20 04 2012

Why is it that jobs hate for employees to get on the internet? Of course there is a fine line between searching the net during your down time versus pushing off work to search the net.  They sit employees in front of a computer for eight hours a day with strick orders of not abusing the internet. Well that’s hard to do. There are eight hours of work I must do everyday, yet you may only have four hours of work for me to do….really? Yeah, employees come to work to work, but should it feel like a slavery? Companies are aware that much of the work day is spent neglecting your work until the last minute. So being armed with this information should be all they need to make an informed decision about employee internet usage. 

Thank heavens for cell phones and how far that technology has brought everyone.

Until next time…..adiós amigos

The Corporate America Grind

19 04 2012

I’m quickly learning that working in corporate america is a fools game filled with disingenuous people.
1. It’s all about appearing to be a team member.
2. Appeasing every single person you work with.
3. Becoming a great actor in the act of deception
4. Realizing that where you are now is temporary
5. Smiling your way through the rough days

Hopefully tomorrow offers more insight for me. Until then….adiós amigos


KC Auto show 2012 ……Honda Accord Coupe

11 03 2012


Hello World!!

12 05 2010

This is my first official post on the site.  I’m unclear of what this blog will contain.  But I’m sure it will be a little bit of everything.  I’m actually excited to post something.  At this point no one is reading my post but its sort of a rush to know that I’m doing something totally abnormal by posting my opinions on my blog.  Let’s enjoy this experience.